Find artwork by Kitty Harvill and other Wildlife and Nature artists here :

Harvill has recently begun building her Fine Art America website – to purchase her artwork, view her complete portfolio by clicking here OR click on the images below to go directly to the purchasing pages of Fine Art America.

You can browse more of her art by visiting her Facebook KHarvill ART Page and looking through her Albums, by clicking here.

_MG_7794           Lonely Lobo Sunset


Dale Bernard, a Northern Colorado artist, a lover of nature, is inspired by the beauty that surrounds her, and by all of God’s creations. Painting with a purpose to cause society to be aware and care for our animals and earth is her greatest reward.

Click on the images below to go directly to the purchasing pages of Fine Art America, or visit her complete portfolio by clicking here.

Pensive - Dale Bernard           Burrowing Owls - Dale Bernard


Emma Kaufmann, shares this with us – “I feel most at home in nature. I’m inspired by flowers, animals, plants and a sunny or cloudy sky. My favorite mediums are watercolor and pastel but I love experimenting with mixed media too and am not afraid to get my hands dirty!

Emma loves painting all types of wildlife and hopes to bring awareness to endangered species via her artworks.

Visit Emma’s Redbubble site by clicking here. Visit her Etsy shop by clicking here. And her Facebook Fan Page by clicking here. Emma also has a great blog, be sure not to miss it – click here for Studio Emma Kaufmann.

Emma - Site 1           Emma - Site 2


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