52 WEEKS – NPC News

Follow the exciting news as our 52 WEEKS РNature Painting Challenge group reaches out in the world !

And, meet some of our members through their websites. Not all members are artists Рsome of our members are biologists, dedicating their lives to helping endangered species and protecting habitats. Visit the work of Alexine E. Klara Keuroghlian, our White-lipped Peccary scientist at Wildlife Conservation Society РBrazil ! You can also click on our paintings of the White-lipped Peccaries, below, to access the site !

And, thanks to Alexine, our work was recognized by the IUCN, read the article by clicking here !

WEEK 33 – Endangered White-lipped Peccaries

One thought on “52 WEEKS – NPC News

  1. This is truly a great work you are doing Kitty. God bless you as He is and will continue to work through you. What a heart you have. Beautiful!

    Alexine E. Klara Keuroghlian,, thank you for all you do and give of yourself. God richly bless you and the work you do for the love and care of God’s animals.
    Love to both of you passionate and powerful ladies. Dale.

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