Artist Warriors for Wildlife – AWW has the goal of bringing wild and wonderful nature into the consciousness of people around the globe of what is quite possibly disappearing forever, inĀ an effort and battle to prevent this from happening. Our weapons are our paintbrushes, our canvases and our hearts. – Kitty Harvill

Will You Help

Northern Brown Howlers are a critically endangered species with less than 250 individuals on the planet. They live in the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil, a severely threatened ecosystem that is only 7% intact, that’s right, in the last 500 years, humans have destroyed 93% of this rich habitat.

Click on the photo below to read my interview with Rainforest Trust about these monkeys and their habitat.


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  1. Hello
    We are a wildlife shelter in Melbourne Victoria and we just googled our buisness name and you came up! Would you be interested (if possible) north collaborating with us by selling your prints? A percentage can go to us as a donation and we would sell your beautiful artwork. Not sure where you are located though.
    Feel free to email us to talk further, thanks

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